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        Welcome to the web site of the?Popular Culture Association of Canada.

        Unfortunately, the events of the past 48 hours have made it clear that we will have to cancel this year’s PCA-Canada conference. With the levels of uncertainty around the resumption of activities, and with so many universities and colleges curtailing travel, either indefinitely or well into the summer, there is no way that we can be certain that we would be able to go ahead in May.


        We will tentatively plan to hold our conference in Montreal in 2021, and will continue to use the MailChimp list and our social media to share information about the organization’s plans.


        Refunds of all fees paid will be remitted through Paypal. This process may take a few days as we process each individually. Please watch the email address associated with your Paypal account for information regarding your refund. If there are any issues, please contact us via the conference (at) canopy.ca email address.


        In the meantime, I hope that all of our members, and their families, friends and colleagues are staying safe and healthy. Look after yourselves, and keep up the amazing research. I anticipate a lot of papers on ‘pandemic pop culture’ at next year’s conference.

        We will NOT charge membership for the current year. All of those who were to attend this year’s conference will be considered members, and be included on all of our mailing lists etc. at no charge.

        Information about the organization can be found here.

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